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Our Founder, Henriette Dresens, with her original Bailey.

Update, August 14, 2020

Potters Place is re-opening for Fall Classes with a very limited volume of offerings. We have openings in our two Monday morning classes, listed below. If interested please contact the instructors directly for specific information and registration.

Monday Morning: Instructor – Susan Brum: Session 1: Sept 14 – Oct 19, second glaze class Oct 26

Time: 8:45 am – 11:15 am, 6 week class, cost $230

 Level: All levels: Wheel throwing & hand building

Contact Information:, or 1-508-740-7767

 Monday Late Morning: Instructor – Joyce Lauro: Session 1: September 14 – October 19

Time: 11:30 am – 2 pm, 6 week class, cost $230

Class offering for: Hand building: Create functional ware: platters, bowls, mugs and other vessels in addition to sculptural and figurative pieces. Beginner wheel throwing if interested.

Contact Information: or 408-406-9180.


Update, August 1, 2020

To Our Potters Place Community,

Life has changed in so many ways these past few months. As potters, we have had to adapt our customary ways of expressing our creativity. Many members have been creating clay works at home. Some have found other outlets such as mask-making, baking, gardening, taking or teaching virtual classes and more. Once a maker, always a maker!

What we do miss most is the ability to share our craft with our communities. Potters Place instructors are working hard to devise an in-studio teaching plan for the Fall. They have been meeting virtually and are finalizing protocols and schedules that are in keeping with CDC and state guidelines to provide the safest and most rewarding experiences possible.  

Losing the opportunity to provide an “in-person” Show & Sale in May, and possibly again in November has hit us at our core. These events are essential outlets for our members to share their incredible works of art with our public in a joyful, festive setting that allows important social interaction. Additionally, the shows afford us financial stability as we continue into our 4th decade of existence.

Our coop’s members are working on various scenarios that might allow us to safely offer the Show & Sale experience to the public in the Fall. While an in-studio event will not be possible, we’re putting our heads together to come up with inventive options. 

Please visit our website for updates, class schedules and to view what the members have been creating.  Clicking on a member’s link on the Members Page will allow you to see additional works for sale via individual web-sites.

We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.
Jen Rose, President 


We’re celebrating our 40th year as a pottery studio!

The “POTTERS WIEL” (Dutch for Potters Wheel or Widening Interest & Enjoyment in Life) was started by Henriette Dresens as a small studio located in the basement of the Runeberg Hall, Norwood in 1980. The studio consisted of three wheels & a kiln purchased with money Henriette earned from waitressing. The studio blossomed under her dedicated leadership, a potter with a vision & passion for the “Art of Clay”. Today Potters Place is a studio that includes 23 members and several classes for children and adults that run throughout the year. Here is Henriette with the Bailey, the studio’s first big kiln. The Bailey was retired from Potters Place on August 15, 2019. 


Our Studio’s mission is to share the pottery experience with our neighboring communities through classes, workshops and special projects for children, teens & adults. Click on the links below to see more about our recent Community Outreach Projects:

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Spring 2019 Donation to the Franklin Food Pantry

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Holiday 2018 Donation to Confikids

Spring 2018 Donation to the A.L.S. Family Charitable Foundation

Holiday 2017 Donation to the Alzheimer’s Association

Spring 2017 Donation to the Walpole Public Library



Check us out on Facebook  for more info & photos of our Community Outreach Projects.