Kid’s Try-It

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Kids Try-It

Learn the basics of pottery and create a unique hand-built piece. While there is a general theme each month, Carolyn encourages her students to “make it your own” by incorporating individual creative ideas. Students will underglaze their pieces and leave them to be kiln fired. Bring a snack and drink.

Instructor: Carolyn Daly Shedd
Phone: 781-837-8211

Great Saturday morning activity, perfect creative outlet for kids!

  • Kids Try-It Workshops

    First Grade & Above

    Choose a Saturday morning workshop:
    9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

    Nov. 4, 2017 – Wacky Creatures

    Dec. 2, 2017 – Ornament Making

    Jan. 13, 2018 – Free Clay – Student Choice!

    March 3, 2018 – Sgraffito Creation – Create a vase or cup and decorate using the sgraffito finishing technique. You’ll apply Engobe (a colored slip) to your piece, and then, using various tools you’ll scratch away parts of the layers to create images, patterns and texture, while revealing the contrasting clay beneath.

    April 7 – Hanging Wind Chime

    $30 per child

    NEW Introductory Class Offering – Adult & Child Workshop – Create a “Love” Tile (Grade 1 & Older)

    Adult with one child, first grade or older

    Saturday, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

    Feb. 10, 2018

    Bring a special adult (parent/aunt/grandparent, etc.) to create a carved tile that celebrates your special bond and relationship. Learn the basics of pottery making. You’ll use stampers, coils, cookie cutters and more to create your story, and then paint this awesome keepsake. Students will underglaze their pieces and leave them to be kiln fired. Bring a snack and drink.

    Introductory price of $50 per pair

For workshop availability please contact the instructor directly.
Advance registration & payment are required to secure your space.
Click here to Register for a workshop.

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