Henriette Dresens, Instructor

 Phone: (781) 762-6184  

Henriette is the much-esteemed founder of Potters Place. A former student of Radcliffe Ceramics Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts College of Arts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Henriette has taught pottery and related crafts for more than 25 years. In her own words: “Many years ago, needing a change of pace in the daily routine of a busy housewife, I signed up for a pottery class offered at the Adult Education at Westwood High School. The first time I put my hands into the clay, I knew I was hooked. Now after more than 40 years following my passion, I’m still teaching the ‘Art of Clay’ and doing what I love best.” Henriette’s pottery is featured in the gallery below.

Henriette teaches Adult Classes for intermediate/advanced students on Wednesday nights.

Henriette Dresens
Henriette Dresens2
Henriette Dressens
Henriette Dresens
Henriette Dresens