Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jennifer Rose

Ronda Moody

Susan McFarland

Member-at-Large #1
Robin Potter

Member-at-Large #2
Jeannette McGillicuddy

Teacher Liaison
Lisa Walker

Past President
Linda Gilbert

Henriette Dressens

About Us

Henriette Dresens, Founder of Potters Place


We’re celebrating our 40th year as a pottery studio!

The “POTTERS WIEL” (Dutch for Potters Wheel or Widening Interest & Enjoyment in Life) was started by Henriette Dresens as a small studio located in the basement of the Runeberg Hall, Norwood in 1980. The studio consisted of three wheels & a kiln purchased with money Henriette earned from waitressing. The studio blossomed under the dedicated leadership of Henriette, a potter with a vision & passion for the “Art of Clay”.

Making pots in various shapes & styles and constantly experimenting with new glazes & firing techniques, Henriette & a handful of her students soon became a close-knit, creative group. Then, in 1990 the building in which the studio was housed was sold.

The group found an old warehouse space on Davis Street in Norwood & our cooperative studio Potters Place was formed. We received ‘Not-for-Profit’ status & established a mission to share the pottery experience with the neighboring communities through classes, workshops & special projects for adults & children.

Five years later our rent was doubled, making it necessary for us to search for a new space that could house our studio & school. We moved into the Hogie Bear building in East Walpole. Just five years later that building’s owners informed us that they too would be selling their property.

In late 1999 after a frantic search we moved to our present space just outside Walpole Center which we customized to our own needs & desires. Some day with a little luck (and perhaps a lottery win) we will own our own building!

Today we have 23 potter members who are involved in the running & maintenance of our co-operative studio. Most of our members began as students in our classes & all of our instructors are members. Twice a year we hold a much-anticipated Show & Sale to showcase the work of our members & to raise a donation for a local charity. Six of our members are instructors who teach classes & workshops for all ages and skill levels.

While mentorship is an important part of our studio’s mission, unfortunately we are unable to conduct an active internship program at this time.

Potters Place is recognized as a vital, independent studio that offers its members & students the opportunity to experience working with clay in an educational environment that is creative, uninhibited & supportive. Share the experience by signing up for a class or workshop, or join us at our Show & Sales. You’ll be glad you did!

If you’d like to be added to our mailing list please call us at 508-668-0363 and leave your name, address & email address.


Photographer: Dave Bradley Photo

Supplies: Portland Pottery